Dirk Sullivan

owner/project manager

A Little About Dirk

Dirk Sullivan, a native Oregonian, is the CEO and founder of Hawthorne Tile. After years in the tiling industry, Dirk made the decision to start his own tile company to meet the demands of homeowners for more complex tile projects that require not only technical but artistic vision as well.

Dirk’s background as a successful musician and son of an artist helped shape his vision for a different kind of tile installation company; a company where attention to aesthetics, design, and a passionate devotion to perfecting one’s craft is the focus. Dirk’s genuine enjoyment of people and creating relationships is another key building block to the DNA of Hawthorne Tile. An environment exists within Hawthorne Tile where respect for clients and peers is equally as important as the respect for the craft. Dirk, through a steadfast focus on these ideals and a drive to stay on the cutting edge, has been able to guide Hawthorne Tile into becoming one of the foremost custom tile installation companies in the Pacific Northwest.


Phone number:
503.231.1340 ext 203