Hawthorne Tile Lara

Lara Walker

office manager

A Little About Lara

Lara, a graduate of Portland State with a degree in Communications, has parlayed her education; experience as an Event Planner; and knack for organization into a successful career as the Office Manager for Hawthorne Tile. She joined the company in 2005 as Hawthorne Tile was really beginning to grow into the company it is today. Lara’s willingness to take on any challenge sent her way with a positive attitude and belief that there are no “problems” only “solutions” fits in perfectly with the overall environment of Hawthorne Tile. She has a deep respect for online calendars and a penchant for sticky notes.

Happily married for over twenty years and mom of two daughters, Lara, is adept at multi-tasking both at work and at home.   When not in the office, garden, or car, you will most likely find her reading, exercising, or enjoying the latest sci-fi fantasy movie with her husband.


Phone number:
503.231.1340 ext 202